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Before Jewish fascism takes over,
by Yossi Sarid, Ha'aretz (Israel), October 29, 2002
"They're putting the historical cart before the horses, to drag the horses after them down the slippery slope until we once again crash, for the third time; they are enlisting history into the cause to make sure the zealots of our day can once again bring us to destruction ... Gush Emunim's path to their heaven and our hell is paved with violence and brutal expressions of refusal and rebellion, always supported by Ariel Sharon (all the quotes are in the archives), who to this day, now as prime minister, is playing a double game together with his good friend, the most important man in the territories, that one from the Jewish Underground, Ze'ev Hever, also known as Zambish. Together, Sharon and Zambish are zambushing Fuad Ben-Eliezer and Shimon Peres. And the Yesha Council leaders will continue denying their paternity over the 'hilltop youth,' while the sanctimonious, self-righteous politicians who prepared the groundwork for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin will continue using their saccharine rhetoric about 'the unity of the nation' warning about 'civil wars' and 'baseless hatred.' If today's zealots continue on the path of their ancestors, I'm not sure the opposing camp will continue the tradition of surrender and panic exhibited by the moderates of the Second Commonwealth. We have the right of self-defense from the likes of Effi Eitam, his rabbis and pupils, before they bring down the horrors upon us, before Jewish fascism runs over us all."

Attack of the Oxymorons. Israel Goes Fascist? It Could Happen,
by Justin Raimondo, Etherzone, November 2, 2002
"For if recent political developments are any indication, [Israel] is on the road to fascism, and worse. Far worse…. Whenever anyone invokes God, or His will, as a rationale for action, the specter of violence and bloodshed looms large. It's only natural, therefore, that it should loom even larger in that part of the world designated 'the Holy Land,' most of which is today the nation of Israel. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that Israel is witnessing the rise of a politicized form of fundamentalism, what I have called Israel's Taliban. Its political expression has been not only the meteoric growth of the Likud party, and of that party's extreme right wing, which is now grasping for power, but also the development of a'"settler' movement of right-wing extremists who are the successors to the outlawed Kach movement founded by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. If you thought Ariel Sharon was an extremist, take a look at his probable successor [Benjamin Netanyahu ... This underscores the ideological essence of the man, rooted, many believe, in the mindset of his famous father, Benzione Netanyahu, a Israeli historian. As a 1997 PBS News Hour profile pointed out: 'The elder Netanyahu has written that Israel owes its independence from the British in 1948 not so much to diplomacy but to the armed attacks, sabotage, and bombings carried out by Israel's underground, called the Irgun.'"

Zionism and Nazism. We can't tell the difference. Can you?
Islamic Association for Palestine
[Juxtaposition of echoing photographs of Nazi and Israel actions]

Israel to Halt 'Nazi-Style' Identity Marks for Palestinian Prisoners,
Ananova, March 12, 2002
"An Israeli MP who survived the Nazi Holocaust has condemned Israeli troops writing ID numbers on the foreheads and arms of Palestinian detainees. The detainees had the numbers stamped on them while awaiting interrogation during an army sweep of a West Bank refugee camp. Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz said he had ordered an immediate halt to the numbering. Yugoslav-born Tommy Lapid said he had earlier told Mofaz and Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer the practice must stop. The Israeli army said the action was taken to identify and keep track of prisoners last week in the Tulkarem refugee camp. 'As a refugee from the Holocaust I find such an act insufferable,' Lapid said, adding that Mofaz and Ben-Eliezer both pledged action. During the Second World War, concentration camp inmates, most of them Jews, had numbers tattooed on their forearms."

Controversy Over 'Execution' Pictures, BBC News, March 12, 2002
"Eleven photographs [three of the images are posted at BBC] taken by an amateur photographer from his window in east Jerusalem have caused outrage in the Arabic media, which allege they show the summary execution of a Palestinian militant. Israeli police said the man was a would-be suicide bomber who they were forced to kill to prevent him from detonating a 'large explosive device' strapped to his waist. The AFP news agency - which published the graphic, but inconclusive images below - said it had received the testimonies of more than 10 eyewitnesses, who said the man was shot half-an-hour after his arrest when he was completely subdued." [Photos of this incident also here]

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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