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Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Terrorism and Geography

By Amira Hass, Ha'aretz

Perhaps only the sharp tongue of the Palestinian Authority justice minister articulated what Palestinians thought of the many postponements and clarifications of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. When Freih Abu Meddain was asked, four days before the Mahane Yehuda terrorist attack, why he thought Netanyahu postponed cabinet discussion of the Wye Memorandum again, he said, "Netanyahu is waiting for a present from Islamic Jihad, a present from Hamas." "The present" has been given, and is still being used to the fullest by state broadcasting.It was concealed for over 24 hours that the perpetrators of the attack came from areas under Israeli security control, and the public did not contest early enough Tzachi Hanegbi's accusations on Friday news programs that the suicide bombers came from areas under Palestinian security control. Every Palestinian already knew the perpetrators' names and where they came from, so it is hard to say the secrecy stemmed from security reasons.

Now the word is that they belonged to a cell from Jenin - that is, Area A. In other words, still, the PA is not carrying out its obligations. Fact. Therefore, postponing the cabinet discussion is justified. What will they say about the capture, publicized two days ago, of the Hamas cell from East Jerusalem suspected in the Jerusalem murder of David Quatorze? The suspects are residents of Abu Tor, Ras al Amud and Silwan. Suddenly, it is not important where the members of the cell live, nor that only the murder of a Jew led to their discovery. Instead, the origin of their instructions is stressed: they were given orders by Muhi a Din Sharif or the Hamas leadership in the Ashkelon prison. Also stressed will be the origin of their explosives: presumably the autonomous areas. In other words, the PA is not carrying out its obligations. Fact. Who even cares that Israel hires collaborators to locate cells, erects roadblocks throughout the split-up West Bank, and is itself responsible for the Ashkelon prison? Will anybody accuse the IDF and General Security Service (GSS) of failing to do enough in "the fight against terrorism?"

The very selective invocation of geographic location prevents public discussion of the phenomenon of terrorism and its social and political roots. It also fails to raise the possibility that the willingness of individuals with children to attack Jews is more related to the Israeli policy of embittering the lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem than their access to Sharif.

The willingness of a 24-year-old from Area A or B to commit suicide (Suleiman Dahayneh, in the Mahane Yehuda attack) is less related to Iran than to the fact that when he was a child, an IDF soldier fired at and seriously injured him, and according to his family, soldiers beat his brother to death. Perhaps it simply stems from the fact that no security apparatus can uncover every "terrorist organization"

Another reasons why this discussion about terrorism is not taking place now is that, as presented by the Israeli press, the suspects were convicted before they were tried. "The cell whose members murdered" - most news programs reported in the past several days. To hell with the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." The same applies to the famous list of 30 Palestinians whose arrest Israel is demanding of the PA: The demand is not for the PA to try them based on Israeli evidence, but "to arrest them."

At least two, cousins Yusuf and Saher a Raghi, have already been given quick trials by the PA. But the GSS insists that "they are murderers." They have been in detention in Jericho for three years. Amnesty International has asked the PA to retry them. When Abu Meddain recommended their release, Israel cried "revolving door" to the U.S. Has anyone ever asked themselves whether the fact that Palestinians treat convicts as heroes - instead of questioning the legitimacy of murdering the elderly and children - is related to Israel's operative assumption that every Palestinian is guilty because he is Palestinian?

Netanyahu also gave Islamic Jihad a present: the prevailing Palestinian public opinion that there is no logical political thinking that takes their welfare into account. After all, if this incidence of terror involved a group wanting to prove the Wye agreement bad for Palestinians, why wouldn't this group simply let the agreement prove its own shortcomings during the implementation? The very need for an attack backs the PA's claim: these groups are interested in sabotaging the accord because it is "good for Palestinians" (and for the PA).

Actually, the Pavlovian rejection of the agreement gives a lot more power to the suicide bombers of Islamic Jihad, a small and shrinking organization opposed to the PA and its agreements. The postponement serves to inspire other people - guided by outsiders, insiders or those seeking compensation for personal weakness and a sense of failure. The postponement proves that with relatively little effort from people disgusted with their lives, the IDF can be stopped from moving a few kilometers and President Clinton stopped from visiting Gaza

(c) copyright 1998 Ha'aretz. All Rights Reserved

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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